Friday, January 20, 2017

Poem Writing Services

I primarily consider myself a poet, and so it seems sensible for me to offer poem writing services.

If you need a poem written for a wedding, a party, a promotion, or an inauguration, we can work together on the content and style, and I can get to work on your poem.

I am primarily a formalist, meaning that I can write your poem in pretty much any style you would like, be it a sonnet, a villanelle, free verse, or even a limerick.

Poems are not written the same as prose, so the pricing is necessarily different.

$10 per line for the first ten lines
$5 per line for the next ten lines
$1 per line for each additional line

That means that a fourteen line sonnet will cost $120, a nineteen line villanelle will cost $145, and a five line limerick will cost $50, for example.

Since this is a creative project, I will retain authorship of the poem, but you will be buying the right to use and distribution. That means that if the poem is published elsewhere, my name will have to be on the poem itself, designating authorship. I will in turn refrain from publishing the poem myself, including on my poetry blog.

However, for whatever reason, there may be a desire for the authorship of the poem to be anonymous. Anonymity during the lifetime of the poet (me) can be purchased for a very significant fee. In addition, ghost writing of a poem, in which you claim authorship of the poem, can be purchased for an even more significant fee. In the case of a ghost-written poem, I, the poet, will divulge myself of any claim of authorship in exchange for the aforementioned fee.

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