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Troy Camplin, Ph.D.

707 Pinehurst Dr.

Richardson, TX  75080





Ph.D. (2004) The University of Texas at Dallas, Aesthetic Studies, School of Arts & Humanities (Fields:
Bioaesthetics,  Novel, Tragedy)

M.A. (2000) The University of Southern Mississippi, English (Field: Creative Writing)

B.S. (1993) Western Kentucky University, Recombinant Gene Technology (Minor in Chemistry)



2012 – Present                      University of North Texas at Dallas
                                                Lecturer -- English
2012-2013                               Adjunct Professor
·         Taught Developmental Writing, English Composition I and II; developed the developmental writing NCBO for the department

·         Developed classes: Contemporary Moral Issues, Writing for Performance

·         Developed online classes: Intro. to Philosophy, Contemporary Moral Issues

·         Attended professional development seminars/conferences on developmental writing

·         Same as Collin College

July – Dec 2012                    The George W. Bush Center
                                                Writing Consultant
·         Consulted on writing for Eric Bing and Marc Epstein on their book on global health, Pharmacy on a Bicycle

2008 – 2012                            The Emerson Institute for Freedom and Culture
                                                President and Editor
·         Editing the Emerson Institute online journal; writing editorials and reviews for the journal; recruiting authors to publish in the journal

2009-2010                               Richland College
2004 - 2006                             Adjunct Professor
·         Same as Collin College

2009-2010                               Collin College
                                Adjunct Professor
·         Worked with various educational institutions; formed relationships with students and staff; planned, organized, and prepared for various classes; created assessments; organized, planned and prepared oral presentations; worked with very limited supervision; developed plans and strategies which I then implemented; organized information easily; have provided guidance to students and colleagues

2009-2010                               Dallas Hub Theater
                                                DFW Playwrights’ Alliance Producer/Playwright
·         Recruit playwrights to participate in festivals; recruit actors for plays; advertise festivals; collaborate with DFWPA partners on several projects; conduct meetings; wrote an award-winning play

2008                                        The Prometheus Institute
                                                Adjunct Scholar
·         Wrote popular articles on current events and issues

2006 – 2007                            A+ Academy Charter School
Honors Instructor
·         Worked closely with members of the community, including directors, principals, colleagues, parents, and students; collaborated to develop plans and strategies to better serve my students; implemented plans and strategies to better serve my students; implemented plans to improve student learning; organized, planned, and prepared for various classes; created assessments; generated reports to track achievement gaps; developed intervention strategies for struggling students

2000 – 2004                            University of Texas at Dallas
                                    Professor’s Assistant


·         Excellent communication skills, including public speaking and writing skills

·         Scholarly research, including the creation and revision of publications

·         Word processing


·         Composition – including developmental writing and undergraduate English composition courses

·         Literary Studies – particularly using Darwinian and Austrian economics approaches

·         Philosophy – particularly complex systems, self-organization/spontaneous order, information theory, neurophilosophy, ethics, evolution, time, aesthetics/beauty

·         Economics – particularly Austrian economics

·         Education

·         Interdisciplinary Studies


·         Diaphysics. Lanham, MD: University Press of America. 2009


·         “Innovation, Complex Systems and Computation: Technological Space and Speculations on the Future” (coauthored with Euel Elliott) Studies in Emergent Order, Vol. 6 (2013): 184-206 <online>

·          “The Theater of Tensions”  Studies in Emergent Order, Vol. 5 (2012): 86-102 <online>

·         “The Spontaneous Orders of the Arts”  Studies in Emergent Order, Vol. 3 (2010): 195-211 <online>

·          “From the Sensory Order to the Moral Order: Bridging Hayek to Hayek (Part I)” NOMOI, Vol. 1 (2010): 3-5

·          “Interdisciplinarity versus Multidisciplinarity”     Time’s News: <online>

·         Reprint – "Literature as a Game: Game-Play in Reading, Creating, and Understanding Literature”  Esophy <online>

·         "Literature as a Game: Game-Play in Reading, Creating, and Understanding Literature”  Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, Volume 7 Number 2, August 2006 <online>


·         “Basic Income Guarantee and the Negative Income Tax: A Comparative Spontaneous Orders Approach” Basic Income and the Free Market: Austrian Economics and the Potential for Efficient Redistribution.  Guinevere Liberty Nell, ed. Palgrave Macmillan (2013)

·         “Getting to the Hayekian Network”  Advances in Austrian Economics, Vol. 15, Leslie Marsh, ed.

 CREATIVE PUBLICATIONS (Poems and Short Stories)

·          “Dithyramb” and “Paean to God” Harbinger Asylum, Spring 2012

·         “My Night Off” Medusa Literature: <online>

·          “A World” Medusa Literature: <online>

·          “Geographies of Nostalgia” Medusa Literature: <online>

·         “Mountain Lakes” Poetry Renewal   <online>

·         “False Memories” Sojourn

·         “Iguanodon”  (Short Story) Art Times

·         “The Comfortless Comfort” 13 Windows

·         “Campfire” 13 Windows

·         “In the Land of Butterflies” 13 Windows

·         “B-52” (Short Story) product14

·         “The Carpenter at Little Pawpaw Lake” product14

·         “Wishful Thinking” (Short Story) The Gargoyle


·         LisaZunshine. “Strange Concepts and the Stories They Make Possible”  Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts, Vol. 13, No. 3 December 2012

·         Paul Cantor and Stephen Cox, eds. “Literature and the Economics of Liberty” The Freeman, April 2012

·         Roger Scruton “Beauty”  Philosophical Practice, Vol. 4.3

·         Craig Dove “Nietzsche’s Ethical Theory: Mind, Self and Responsibility” Philosophical Practice, Vol. 4.1

·         Lou Marinoff “The Middle Way” Philosophical Practice, Vol. 3.2

·         Madison Jones' “Nashville 1864: The Dying of the Light” Bibliophilos


·         “Microaggression or Neglect?”                The Pope Center, Feb. 7, 2014

·         “Bridging the Two Cultures” The Pope Center, Aug. 1, 2013

·         “Before Turning Students Into Writers, Teach Them Grammar” National Academy of Scholars, June 24, 2013

·         “The Beautiful City” The Freeman, April 30, 2013

·         “Scientists and Engineers Need Literature” The Pope Center, Apr. 7, 2013

·         “Spiral Dynamics: An Overview” The Freeman, Jan. 7, 2013

·         “The Free-Lance Professor” The Pope Center, Apr. 24, 2011

·         “Egypt’s Revolution and Higher Education” The Pope Center, Feb. 6, 2011

·         “The Fading Hope of Interdisciplinary Studies” The Pope Center, Jan 30, 2011

·         “Freshman Composition and the Sonnet” The Pope Center, Jan. 16, 2011

·         “At Home With the Kids and My Ph.D.” The Pope Center, Dec. 7, 2010

·         “From Trivium to Triviality” The Pope Center, Oct. 15, 2010

·         “Suppose There Were Food Insurance” Mises Daily, LVMI, July 22, 2010

·         “Zoning Laws Destroy Communities” Mises Daily, LVMI, Apr. 30, 2010

·         “Local Theaters Should Champion Local Playwrights” The Dallas Morning News, Feb. 12, 2010

·         “School Needs to Get Physical” The Dallas Morning News, July 16, 2009

·         “School Can’t Be All About Academics” The Dallas Morning News, June 26, 2009

·         “Schools Are Teaching Teachers Not to Teach” The Dallas Morning News, April 17, 2009

·         “The Tragic Institutions” TCSDaily: <online>

·         “Son of the UMWA, Husband of the AFT” The Prometheus Institute

·         “Why Libertarians are Annoying” The Prometheus Institute

·         “On Evil Property Owners...Like My Wife’s Grandfather, Jesus” The Prometheus Institute

·         “Rebuttal: Paul Krugman’s: Voodoo Health Economics” The Prometheus Institute

·         “If I Were a Captain Planet Supervillain” The Prometheus Institute

·         “It’s Time We Gave the Poor a Tax Break” The Prometheus Institute

·          “Once Upon a Time There Was a Great Democracy” The Prometheus Institute

·          “The Government Makes Easy Things Complicated” The Prometheus Institute

·          “The Three Liberalisms” The Prometheus Institute

·          “Government and Power Laws” The Prometheus Institute

·         A weekly opinion piece in The Messenger out of Madisonville, KY from 1994-1995


·         “The Theater of Tensions” Fund for Spontaneous Orders Conference, “Coping With Tensions,” Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2011

·         Liberty Fund, “F. A. Hayek,” June 7-12, 2009

·         “The Spontaneous Orders of the Arts”  Fund for Spontaneous Orders Conference, “Organization and Emergence: Tensions and  Symbiosis,” Dec. 3-6, 2009

·         “Spontaneous Order and Emergent Phenomena: An Interdisciplinary Approach” Fund for Spontaneous Orders Conference, “Orders and Borders,” Nov. 2008

·         “Hubris: The Virtuous Vice” International Society for the Study of Time Conference, August 2007

·         “The Emergence of Everything” Dallas Philosopher’s Forum, 2005


2008 – 2009                            American Philosophical Practitioners Association

                                                Reviews Editor, Philosophical Practice

·         Organized information; solicited book contributions for review from publishing houses; worked closely with partners to get 3-4 books reviewed by various reviewers on a strict deadline; edited submissions and recommended revisions 


·         Almost Ithacid              – Play Performed at Dallas Hub Theatre for Cyberfest, May 29-30


·         PIA Award    – for Cyberfest performance of “Almost Ithaciad” at Dallas Hub Theatre, May 30, 2009


·         Austrian Economics and Literature             

·         Evolution and Literature                                

·         Troy Camplin Poetry                                     


·         Essay             – “On the Varieties of Spontaneous Orders”
Austrian Economics Perspectives on Individualism and Society, Guinevere Nell, ed.


Evolutionary Aesthetics: The Evolution of Complex Systems, the Appreciation of Beauty, and the Creation of Art and Literature

Supervisors: Alexander Argyros - chair, Frederick Turner, Robert Nelsen, Pamela Gossin

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