Monday, December 30, 2013

Improve Your Employees' Reading and Writing Skills With Us

If you want to do well in business, you have to have two major skills that practically nobody has:

1) Writing

2) Speaking

Both are communication skills. Communication skills are the backbone of all success, no matter what the area. Scientists who communicate best tend to be the best known scientists. Artists by definition are great artists when they communicate well (and complexly). The most successful business people are those who communicate well.

Indeed, Carmine Gallo points out that speaking skills is the one skill set that will boost your value the most.

As a teacher, I have had to develop strong speaking skills. The better your speaking and presentation skills, the more your students like you. They'll even let you present difficult information and be a tough grader.

More, with my background in writing, I have come to understand the necessary ingredients for clear, informative, and interesting communication in general, and writing in particular.

And as a teacher, I am familiar with the difficulties faced by businesses in having employees who cannot write. I get them first. They come out of high school practically illiterate and almost completely incapable of writing a sentence with even the grammar and syntax of the way they speak (which is itself a problem). Then too many professors don't even want to teach writing. More, I have been told (not at the university at which I now teach, but at community colleges) not to teach grammar and syntax (you know, the rules of the game) when I teach writing. The focus is on "process" rather than content-knowledge. And there is in fact a great deal of content-knowledge in language skill development.

The end result, as everyone in business knows, is employees who cannot write or speak clearly.

This is something we at Camplin Creative Consulting aim to help resolve for businesses.

One of the great benefits of working directly with businesses is that they do not have ideological restraints on how people are taught a skill -- they just want the skill taught. They want people who read and write and speak well. And we here at Camplin Creative Consulting can teach your employees these skills -- by focusing on teaching them the rules of the game, by having them read well-written works, by showing them where they are making mistakes in their writing, and why those are mistakes. By working simultaneously on speaking and writing skills, your employees will develop both more quickly.

Now is the time to get your employees up to speed on their writing and speaking skills. Camplin Creative Consulting can help.

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