Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Consulting at the Bush Center

My work with the Bush Center is now complete. It was a great experience working with Eric Bing, M.B.A., M.D., Ph.D. on the book he coauthored with Marc Epstein. I learned a lot helping Dr. Bing put togetherPharmacy on a Bicycle. Helping with the writing, rewriting, revision, editing, brainstorming ideas -- and in four months, a book. The great thing is that this project really brought together everything I do and have done. The book is on global health -- the undergrad degree and graduate classes in biology I have were able to be put to good use. The book is on entrepreneurial solutions -- my increasing number of publications on economics demonstrates my growing expertise in economics, which I was able to bring to bear on this project. Not to mention, of course, my M.A. in English and my extensive writing and editing skills. This was a project in which I was able to really bring to bear my interdisciplinary approach and my writing skills. As the "simple solutions" become harder and harder to find -- most having been already discovered by now -- we are going to have to face the fact that more complex solutions are increasingly what we need. And in dealing with social problems, it has always been what we have needed. And complexity means interdisciplinarity. That is why I predict Pharmacy on a Bicycle will be a success -- and why I predict anyone who implements the solutions Bing and Epstein have laid out will contribute to the creation of better health outcomes in their town, country, or region. It is very satisfying to have worked on a project which you expect will have a positive impact.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Troy Camplin, Ph.D.

707 Pinehurst Dr.

Richardson, TX  75080





Ph.D. (2004) The University of Texas at Dallas, Aesthetic Studies, School of Arts & Humanities (Fields:
Bioaesthetics,  Novel, Tragedy)

M.A. (2000) The University of Southern Mississippi, English (Field: Creative Writing)

B.S. (1993) Western Kentucky University, Recombinant Gene Technology (Minor in Chemistry)



2012 – Present                      University of North Texas at Dallas
                                                Lecturer -- English
2012-2013                               Adjunct Professor
·         Taught Developmental Writing, English Composition I and II; developed the developmental writing NCBO for the department

·         Developed classes: Contemporary Moral Issues, Writing for Performance

·         Developed online classes: Intro. to Philosophy, Contemporary Moral Issues

·         Attended professional development seminars/conferences on developmental writing

·         Same as Collin College

July – Dec 2012                    The George W. Bush Center
                                                Writing Consultant
·         Consulted on writing for Eric Bing and Marc Epstein on their book on global health, Pharmacy on a Bicycle

2008 – 2012                            The Emerson Institute for Freedom and Culture
                                                President and Editor
·         Editing the Emerson Institute online journal; writing editorials and reviews for the journal; recruiting authors to publish in the journal

2009-2010                               Richland College
2004 - 2006                             Adjunct Professor
·         Same as Collin College

2009-2010                               Collin College
                                Adjunct Professor
·         Worked with various educational institutions; formed relationships with students and staff; planned, organized, and prepared for various classes; created assessments; organized, planned and prepared oral presentations; worked with very limited supervision; developed plans and strategies which I then implemented; organized information easily; have provided guidance to students and colleagues

2009-2010                               Dallas Hub Theater
                                                DFW Playwrights’ Alliance Producer/Playwright
·         Recruit playwrights to participate in festivals; recruit actors for plays; advertise festivals; collaborate with DFWPA partners on several projects; conduct meetings; wrote an award-winning play

2008                                        The Prometheus Institute
                                                Adjunct Scholar
·         Wrote popular articles on current events and issues

2006 – 2007                            A+ Academy Charter School
Honors Instructor
·         Worked closely with members of the community, including directors, principals, colleagues, parents, and students; collaborated to develop plans and strategies to better serve my students; implemented plans and strategies to better serve my students; implemented plans to improve student learning; organized, planned, and prepared for various classes; created assessments; generated reports to track achievement gaps; developed intervention strategies for struggling students

2000 – 2004                            University of Texas at Dallas
                                    Professor’s Assistant


·         Excellent communication skills, including public speaking and writing skills

·         Scholarly research, including the creation and revision of publications

·         Word processing


·         Composition – including developmental writing and undergraduate English composition courses

·         Literary Studies – particularly using Darwinian and Austrian economics approaches

·         Philosophy – particularly complex systems, self-organization/spontaneous order, information theory, neurophilosophy, ethics, evolution, time, aesthetics/beauty

·         Economics – particularly Austrian economics

·         Education

·         Interdisciplinary Studies


·         Diaphysics. Lanham, MD: University Press of America. 2009


·         “Innovation, Complex Systems and Computation: Technological Space and Speculations on the Future” (coauthored with Euel Elliott) Studies in Emergent Order, Vol. 6 (2013): 184-206 <online>

·          “The Theater of Tensions”  Studies in Emergent Order, Vol. 5 (2012): 86-102 <online>

·         “The Spontaneous Orders of the Arts”  Studies in Emergent Order, Vol. 3 (2010): 195-211 <online>

·          “From the Sensory Order to the Moral Order: Bridging Hayek to Hayek (Part I)” NOMOI, Vol. 1 (2010): 3-5

·          “Interdisciplinarity versus Multidisciplinarity”     Time’s News: <online>

·         Reprint – "Literature as a Game: Game-Play in Reading, Creating, and Understanding Literature”  Esophy <online>

·         "Literature as a Game: Game-Play in Reading, Creating, and Understanding Literature”  Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, Volume 7 Number 2, August 2006 <online>


·         “Basic Income Guarantee and the Negative Income Tax: A Comparative Spontaneous Orders Approach” Basic Income and the Free Market: Austrian Economics and the Potential for Efficient Redistribution.  Guinevere Liberty Nell, ed. Palgrave Macmillan (2013)

·         “Getting to the Hayekian Network”  Advances in Austrian Economics, Vol. 15, Leslie Marsh, ed.

 CREATIVE PUBLICATIONS (Poems and Short Stories)

·          “Dithyramb” and “Paean to God” Harbinger Asylum, Spring 2012

·         “My Night Off” Medusa Literature: <online>

·          “A World” Medusa Literature: <online>

·          “Geographies of Nostalgia” Medusa Literature: <online>

·         “Mountain Lakes” Poetry Renewal   <online>

·         “False Memories” Sojourn

·         “Iguanodon”  (Short Story) Art Times

·         “The Comfortless Comfort” 13 Windows

·         “Campfire” 13 Windows

·         “In the Land of Butterflies” 13 Windows

·         “B-52” (Short Story) product14

·         “The Carpenter at Little Pawpaw Lake” product14

·         “Wishful Thinking” (Short Story) The Gargoyle


·         LisaZunshine. “Strange Concepts and the Stories They Make Possible”  Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts, Vol. 13, No. 3 December 2012

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·         “Rebuttal: Paul Krugman’s: Voodoo Health Economics” The Prometheus Institute

·         “If I Were a Captain Planet Supervillain” The Prometheus Institute

·         “It’s Time We Gave the Poor a Tax Break” The Prometheus Institute

·          “Once Upon a Time There Was a Great Democracy” The Prometheus Institute

·          “The Government Makes Easy Things Complicated” The Prometheus Institute

·          “The Three Liberalisms” The Prometheus Institute

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·         A weekly opinion piece in The Messenger out of Madisonville, KY from 1994-1995


·         “The Theater of Tensions” Fund for Spontaneous Orders Conference, “Coping With Tensions,” Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2011

·         Liberty Fund, “F. A. Hayek,” June 7-12, 2009

·         “The Spontaneous Orders of the Arts”  Fund for Spontaneous Orders Conference, “Organization and Emergence: Tensions and  Symbiosis,” Dec. 3-6, 2009

·         “Spontaneous Order and Emergent Phenomena: An Interdisciplinary Approach” Fund for Spontaneous Orders Conference, “Orders and Borders,” Nov. 2008

·         “Hubris: The Virtuous Vice” International Society for the Study of Time Conference, August 2007

·         “The Emergence of Everything” Dallas Philosopher’s Forum, 2005


2008 – 2009                            American Philosophical Practitioners Association

                                                Reviews Editor, Philosophical Practice

·         Organized information; solicited book contributions for review from publishing houses; worked closely with partners to get 3-4 books reviewed by various reviewers on a strict deadline; edited submissions and recommended revisions 


·         Almost Ithacid              – Play Performed at Dallas Hub Theatre for Cyberfest, May 29-30


·         PIA Award    – for Cyberfest performance of “Almost Ithaciad” at Dallas Hub Theatre, May 30, 2009


·         Austrian Economics and Literature             

·         Evolution and Literature                                

·         Troy Camplin Poetry                                     


·         Essay             – “On the Varieties of Spontaneous Orders”
Austrian Economics Perspectives on Individualism and Society, Guinevere Nell, ed.


Evolutionary Aesthetics: The Evolution of Complex Systems, the Appreciation of Beauty, and the Creation of Art and Literature

Supervisors: Alexander Argyros - chair, Frederick Turner, Robert Nelsen, Pamela Gossin