Thursday, October 17, 2013

Telling Your Product's Story

One of the main services I can provide as a consultant is by ability to tell a story. As a writer of plays and short stories, and with a Master's degree in creative writing, focusing on short stories, I am an expert at creating stories.

Now, what does a company need with a storyteller? Do all companies need the kinds of services I can provide?

All companies who wish to sell something to someone needs a storyteller. As Jonathan Gottschall argues, the most effective ads are those that tell stories. People spend most of their day telling stories, listening to stories, watching stories (television shows or movies). We understand the world through stories. We best remember information when we get that information through stories.

What information do you want to provide? Information about your product. If you want people to best remember your product, tell them a story about it. Better, include them in your story.

One of the things stories do is allow your audience members to empathize. If they see a story, and that story has a character in it, your audience will empathize with that character. And if that character likes your product (or dislikes your competitor's product), then your audience will similarly feel like (or dislike). People who like your product buy your product.

This is why you need a storyteller. Any time you decide you are going to change your advertisements, look around at your team. Is there a storyteller in there amongst them? If not, give me a call -- I will be happy to join your team and show you how to tell your product's story.

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