Saturday, April 23, 2011

Genes Predict Learning Style

Have you ever had an employee who just couldn't seem to learn from experience? Well, perhaps it is because you taught that employee what to expect in their job.

Researchers at Brown University have discovered that there is a genetic element to the degree to which people learn from experience after they have been told what to expect. At one extreme, some people are born with a tendency to just believe what they have been told, and to continue believing it no matter what experience teaches them; at the other extreme are those who don't believe anything unless they have experienced it themselves. There are, of course, variations in between.

The "Yes-man" may in fact just be a true believer. The rebellious employee may just be someone who has to have everything shown to them so they can experience it for themselves.

Naturally, there may be other factors as well. But this adds to the complexity of why one's employees may be acting as they do. The most efficient company will know what to do with such employees. Do you know what to do with them?

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