Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome to Camplin Creative Consulting

Camplin Creative Consulting is a new consulting business located in Richardson, TX, a suburb of Dallas. We make use of spontaneous order and self-organization theory, which includes network theory, Clare Graves' psychological theories, J.T. Fraser's theory of time, and Austrian economics. We also use evolutionary approaches, including evolutionary psychology and the most recent work on how the brain works, and cultural studies. We apply all of these approaches to understanding companies in their full complexity, from the kinds of thinking present in the firm to their hierarchical network structures and the firm's relationship to the spontaneous order economy.

Conflicts and tension are a central part of any system. There are good, creative conflicts and bad, destructive conflicts. It is important to discover which are which, and to understand how to foster the former while reducing or eliminating the latter. These conflicts make up each company's culture, and allow a company to either work well and maximize profits, or exhibit frictions and fail to maximize profits -- or even lose money.

We hope you will let us help you.

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